Debit Card Management

Manage Your Debit Card From Your Mobile Device!

The SecurLOCK Equip App gives you control of your THB debit card from your smart phone.  You'll be able to better manage and protect your accounts from fraud with custom alerts and services 24/7.

With the SecurLOCK Equip App, you can set interactive controls to help monitor account activity and prevent unauthorized use.  You can:

  • Turn your debit card on and off whenever you would like and as often as you would like.
  • Set alerts and deny transactions based on merchant or transaction type and location.
  • Set alerts based on merchant or transaction type and location.
  • Monitor and control dependent cardholder's usage.
  • Receive notification of possible fraudulent transactions and take action. 

Get the SecurLOCK Equip App set up on your mobile device!   Follow these easy steps:

Step 1:  Make sure you've got your debit card handy. 

Step 2:  Download the SecurLOCK Equip App.  You can use the links below to the iTunes App Store or Android Store or you can simply search either store for SecurLock Equip:
For iPhones, download the App at the iTunes App Store   Available on the iPhone App Store

For Android devices, download the App at the Android Store Download for Android 

Step 3:  Once the app is downloaded on your device, follow the prompts to get your card added and enjoy!

Important Note:  Data and text message rates set by your mobile service provider may apply.  Check with  your mobile service provider for details.

Important Note:  Mobile security is incredibly important, and we recommend consumers take a proactive role in securing their mobile devices. Learn more about mobile security.

Need Assistance With The SecurLOCK Equip App?

Visit one of our convenient neighborhood office locations and our team will be happy to assist you.  You can also call our Client Care Line 800.624.6452 for assistance or for additional information. 


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